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The Watts and Strogatz model is a little clearer on Orkut. In addition to being view clusters in the form of groups and communities, one realizes how these are united among themselves through their members, who also participate in other groups. Orkut is 11 effectively a small world. However, only while software. How to Effective relationship cura para diabetes between the elements involved is not taken into account, the degree of separation may be, also fictitious. After all, “friends” that were added without any kind of interaction does not necessarily represent a real connection. It is not possible to say until These social distances between individuals are really valid. The Erdös and Rényi model seems to make more sense in this system. However, the in Orkut are randomly established by the hubs. Therefore, it makes sense to understand that all nodes have the same chance of receiving these connections. But this assertion is not entirely true. Although many connections are made at random, they are not all the connections that are made so. Many seek to connect with their friends in the offline world. Others seek to connect only with beautiful women. So many, the professionally. 4.2. Weblogs and Fotologs Weblogs and Fotologs also present an interesting field of study of networks social, in that they also have a list of “friends” or “weblogs / fotologs” favorites, as well as interaction mechanisms such as comment tool, trackbacks and e-mails (Marlow, 2004; Recuero, 2003b). They have similar mechanisms : Customize the page as you wish (colors, pictures, fonts and etc.) and place posts (blocks of text or images) with a certain periodicity.

In the case of fotologs, although it is possible to put images and text, the privilege is for the images an

We weblogs, on the contrary, the privilege is for the texts. They can represent social networks30, in the extent that each weblog or fotolog represents an individual (or a group) and exposure of their individuality (Recuero, 2003b, 2004). However, such systems would be understood by the models of network theory? Again, here it will be necessary to make a small dissociation between the weblogs / fotologs while social networks and as networks of websites. A weblog or fotolog can represent a hub in that it has a huge amount of incomming links point to vivendo com a diabetes themselves) (Barabási, 2003: 55-58). However, in this case, considered hubs of a social network, unless such links, in any way, represent some kind of connection between bloggers / photographers. For that, it would be necessary to study these networks from the only space of interaction that the system provides: the comments and trackbacks (Primo and Recuero, 2003). conserto de iphone

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